Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens, bathrooms – must makeovers

Adding value. Adding living

Estate agents claim the kitchen, then the bathroom, are usually deal makers or deal breakers. A kitchen is likely to add 6 per cent to a home’s value, a bathroom 4 per cent, says Phil Spencer (Location, Location, Location).

A well-planned kitchen, light, airy and functional is an instant sell – not just to buyers – but also to the in situ family.

The bathroom remains our blissful sanctuary; avocado baths and basins just don’t cut it.

Family places, show cases

The kitchen hob is now the hub of the home. It’s where we gather, eat, meet and entertain. The kitchen is increasingly the showpiece of the house. Today, our clients appreciate handsome, fit-for-purpose work surfaces, within easy reach of the cooker, fridge, washing-up sink and conversation.

We design and build or renovate kitchens that move with the times and the needs of the household. We knock through walls, install sky lights — and create more functionality, more space for downtime, more time for a glass of wine that unwinds the day.

Remodelling an en suite bathroom — making storage space, bringing in light, retiring tired old tubs, installing sparkling shower cubicles — is a pleasurable undertaking. It brings so much pleasure to households for years.


Designing and building value

Tudor Design and Build, in proposing refurbishments to kitchens and bathrooms, considers space exploitation, modernising, technological advancements and the ever important water supply.

We undertake kitchen make-overs, extensions, reshaping or enlargements using sections of other rooms to achieve a new dimension of living. We examine the exterior for space, light and view advantages, and the inside where we can pinch some space perhaps for a utility room to make life easier.

Upstairs, we can often find room for a much-desired wet-room or separate shower, or make ‘bath bliss’ with an elegant free standing tub. We expand a window view, and add mood lighting and luxury finishes. We guide on choosing fittings and fixtures needing minimal cleaning and maintenance.

How about an indoor spa or sauna?

What we did

This was a small, unprepossessing bungalow in a cul de sac with a lot of potential. The owners, a professional, well-travelled couple wanted it modernised and refurbished.

Before moving in, the owners wanted a new kitchen, a statement bathroom and a bedroom that was different from the standard box-with-window.

We stripped out the poor plumbing and electrics. We ripped out the kitchen and turned it around to increase the footfall and work surface space. A stark black range cooker was its central element, and we capitalised on ambient light and white-gloss cabinets for glamour.

We designed and built them a walk-in wet-room with his and hers basins and plenty of storage. In the bedroom we replaced the traditional ceiling with a vaulted roof with skylights to watch the stars go by.

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