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Home refurbishment

Properties, like people, age over time

Propping up

Houses need propping up from time to time. Home repair and refurbishment of aging parts are often neglected. We advise homeowners to conduct 5-year home repair assessments to avoid unforeseen costly disasters.

Tudor Design and Build offer a diagnosis and solution service:
• thorough inspection throughout the house for areas of risk or urgency
• written home-owner report prioritising the most at-risk issues, if any
• fully costed schedule of repair or replacement
• making good all the areas as agreed with our clients

If you’re considering selling, it’s wise to have a full house assessment, and the documentation of proof of work done. We advise our clients on what is essential for an easy house sale.

Minor changes, major benefits

Sometimes an enlarged window, a new door access or a replacement staircase makes all the difference to a household’s footfall or view of their garden.

Tudor Design and Build will assess the floor plan and design a layout that makes more sense for today’s living, such as combining the dining room with kitchen, and finding space for a study area or opening up the house to outdoor entertaining with sliding doors and a patio.


Topping up

Floors sag, paint peels, walls crack, wood splits, tiles slip. We check the state of the floors, walls, electrical and plumbing fittings, windows and their insulation, and advise you on what the house’s genuine needs are.

Property, possessions, pets

We come when we say we’ll be there, and with the minimum of fuss, get down to the jobs efficiently. All our teams take huge care with our clients’ property, possessions and also pets.

What we did

The Waterside project was a complete refurbishment of the interior. We remodelled the living room that opened expansively onto the balcony. Large sliding doors let in huge tracts of light and panoramic vistas of the gardens and the world outside. Contemporary light fittings and the clean lines of the floorboards contained the simplistically elegant lounge and the small, stylish dining area.

The kitchen-diner needed to be compact, light and inviting. This we achieved with highly reflective king-size cabinets concealing appliances and crockery and a work surface with elevated glass table shelf and contemporary high-backed diner stools that makes Sunday breakfast an enjoyable experience.
In the bedroom, we continued the wooden floor-line and repainted and papered the room to increase its visual space. We designed a wet-room in the en suite, keeping it contemporary with minimalism.

In the bathroom, we installed a spa bath and mirror TV for fun and wide slatted shutters for privacy.

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