7 ways to add more space to your bungalow


When you think of a bungalow, you don’t necessary think space (though some can be pretty large). However, we love them. Bungalows offer so much potential and there are a range of ways in which you can add extra space:

  1. Re-arrange the layout of your bungalow

If you aren’t looking for that much extra space, then re-modelling the layout may work for you. As most bungalows were built a while ago, the layouts generally don’t reflect the needs of today. By re-arranging the rooms, you can create more space and a sense of flow.

  1. Convert the garage

If you don’t need huge amounts of storage space, then converting the garage could be the option for you. Many people convert their garage into an office, or an extra bedroom.

  1. Add a conservatory

IF you’re after more space to be able to relax away from the kids, then a conservatory is a great choice. We have helped clients add a conservatory to create a separate living space. We’ve also seen conservatories added to create a separate dining area. Sometimes, you don’t want your guests to see your cooking in action!

  1. Build a garden room

You’re not technically adding more space to your bungalow, but you are adding more living space, be It an office, a family room, or a guest bedroom.

  1. Convert the loft

Most loft conversions don’t require planning permission and therefore the work can be completed relatively quickly. The work of a loft conversion can also be self-contained, having little disruption on the other rooms of the house.

  1. Extend

Whether it’s the front, rear, side, or combination thereof, extending your bungalow can create enough space for your needs. You can extend upwards and add on a complete, new second storey. However, cost-wise we think it’s more economical – and beneficial – to go with our last option…

  1. Knock-down your bungalow and build a house

That’s right! Knock down the bungalow and start from scratch. A thrilling option! Imagine being able to design your own house (with the help of an experienced design and build company such as Tudor Design and Build) without having to search for an elusive piece of land.

We have knocked-down and replaced several bungalows with houses, including the one above.  As mentioned, cost-wise, knocking down the existing dwelling and replacing with a new two-storey dwelling is pretty much similar to adding on a one-storey extension. The upside is that you get to choose the complete look and layout. This is great, especially if you don’t like that the kitchen is at the front of the house, or that the dining room is separate 

If you’re thinking of buying a bungalow or adding more space to one, then please do get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to discuss how you can make it your dream home.

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