Don’t leave your much loved family home

They say that home is where the heart is and we couldn’t agree more. Buying a house is not only an investment in property, but it is an investment of the heart, an investment in your family life. However, the truth is that families change over time. You may have another child, or an older relative may move in. You may want to run a home-business. As much as you…

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Top 10 building mistakes – part one

In our many years undertaking building projects we have seen a wide variety of different building mistakes made by homeowners. To help you avoid them, we have compiled our top ten list of building mistakes to avoid. Here’s the first five: Not thinking the design through A well-designed extension will add value to your home and make it more saleable. However, without a thorough thought-process you may end up with a design…

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Create more space without moving

        If you feel that you are lacking the space you need in your current home chances are you’ve probably looked at various options such as extending your home, converting your loft or moving… but have you considered an internal re-model of your property? Sometimes, it’s not a space issue at all but an issue of how the space is laid out. Perhaps you have a number of…

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