Coronavirus and its impact on home design

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting most, if not all, areas of our daily lives. Our homes have become our safe havens, even more so than before. We here at Tudor Design and Build believe that the pandemic is going to influence our future projects, with our clients prioritizing parts of their homes in different ways than before.

Separate living spaces

Open-plan layouts are extremely popular and while we feel they will remain popular (there’s nothing quite like a room where someone can cook and still be part of the action) we see people wanting to find ways to add some separation. Perhaps converting the loft or building a separate garden room.

Larger office spaces

For many, the lack of separate living spaces has meant working from the dining room table, or the small computer table they’d already had set up under the stairs for the occasional ‘work from home day.’ We see a surge in the creation of dedicated home offices, especially now that many of us have realised that we can easily work from home. A loft conversion or garden room is perfect for this, or even a garage conversion.

Walk-in pantries

Over the years, pantries and larders have disappeared from most kitchens and whilst fitted kitchens include cupboard space, nothing quite beats a walk-in pantry. Going forward, we foresee people buying in bulk and storing more dried products. Flour is currently a hot commodity and one that there would be ample room for in a larder.

Hard working but stylish entranceways

With news that the coronavirus can be tracked in on shoes, many of us are shedding our footwear and outerwear as soon as we get home. For those with a utility room accessible from a side door, we see the room becoming a much more practical space, perhaps even with a second sink for washing off muddy boots and a seating area. For those with just the one entranceway, we see people thinking about stylish storage solutions, including shoe benches and coat racks.  

More bathrooms

Long gone are the days for most of us where we just have one toilet in the house. Extra bathrooms have started to become the norm and we see this set to continue.   

Other trends

As well as the above, other trends we think we’ll see is a rise in second freezers for storage and a rise in ‘smart homes’ with touchless technology – from bins, to taps, to light switches. Oh, and probably a dedicated toilet roll cupboard!

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