Creating a family room

family rooms

Family rooms have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Many of our clients are either opting for the creation of an open-plan family room (often connected to the kitchen), or a separate space so that they end up with a ‘grown-up’ living room and a more relaxed family-room.  

Adding an additional family room means that you end up with two distinct spaces. The living room gets to stay more formal – perfect for entertaining guests when the kids go to bed.  A separate grown up room also gives you scope to keep your lovely ornaments on display, with less chance of accidents happening. The family room then becomes a much more relaxed space where you play, read and socialise together.  

Clients that go down this route find the additional space by extending their home – either to the rear, side, rear and side, or by converting their garage. Many of our clients are opting to create open kitchen and family room layouts. This enables children to be watched whilst dinner is cooked and it really does make the kitchen the heart of the home.

Open-plan kitchen and family room

With an open-plan style there is still scope to design the space in such a way that the rooms are defined. In the second photo we added a rear extension and with it an open plan kitchen and family room. The long island acts as a space divider, signalling where the kitchen ends and the family room begins. 

The family who own the house in the third photo have chosen instead to show the separation of the two spaces with a large fish tank (shown here in progress). For this project, we replaced a bungalow with a new five-bedroom house. The space is still large and airy but with two distinct parts to it.

Separate family room

The fourth photo shows a separate family room that was created by adding a rear extension to the property. At the same time, the client opted to extend their kitchen.  The first photo shows another separate family room that we created, again by the addition of a rear extension. However, rather than a family room with sofas and TV, the space is used as a family games room. 

Being able to socialise together as a family and enjoy the space really does make a house a home so we personally like the trend for family rooms and all the different layouts our clients opt for.

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