Creating the perfect kitchen


A kitchen can be a lot of things. To some, it’s simply a place to make food. For others, it’s the very centre of the home and family life. When extending your kitchen, it’s worth thinking about how you want to use the space. What sort of features will it have? Will it be full of high-tech gadgets and appliances for all the cooking you’ll be doing? Will it have a island or table for socialising while entertaining, or will it be self-contained? Below we look at some popular options.

The open-plan kitchen

Open-plan living really exploded over the last few years. It allows for easy entertaining and lets whomever is cooking to still be involved in family life. It creates a large airy downstairs as there are fewer walls. Other features, such as a block of cabinets can be used to bring some separation to the space

The kitchen-living room

Some people prefer a separate dining room especially if they love to throw dinner parties and are looking for a more formal dining room area.  If this is the case then a kitchen-living room is a good option as it still allows for mingling. Some people opt for a small table or island so that they can still gather and eat breakfast in the more casual space.

Kitchen only

There are still many people that just want a standalone kitchen. Being able to close the door and hide the mess from an elaborately cooked meal is always a bonus.

Planning your kitchen extension

As well as considering the type of space you want, there are many more options from whether you’ll add bi-fold doors or skylights to whether you’ll have an island.  Some people opt to include their laundry appliances while others want these in a separate room.

The key to creating the perfect kitchen extension is getting your builder and architect on board early. At Tudor Design and Build we have worked on a huge number of kitchen extensions so come with vast experience and numerous ideas that you may not have even considered. Contact us to find out more.

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