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Decorating interiors, exteriors

Fresh finish, glossy gleam

Many DIY projects look quite good at first. In time, the paint wears thin, the ‘stripy’ applications and pock marks become apparent, the pigment fades and walls look well-worn.

The difference with professional decorating and painting is in the preparation, the priming, knowledge of emulsions and pigments, using the right tools for the job, and preventing spillages and splashes on carpeting and furnishing. The difference is noticeable, enduring and worthwhile.

Wall papering

Decorating trends come and go. We remove old wallpaper and sand down for a smooth finish and prepare and prime the surface before hanging new wall paper, perfectly pattern-aligned. Wall papering never looks easy, but we have the expertise and tools to do the job efficiently for an instant make-over.



Besides being an acquired skill, it’s quite an art. We can achieve a number of effects besides plain surface: stone, wood, metal as well as moulding. We always recommend professional plastering to avoid cracks, surface inconsistencies and poor cornering.


Wall and floor tiling, when beautifully applied, have an enduring grace. Their reflective quality bounces light about, giving the room enormous appeal and longevity — particularly kitchens and bathrooms where water and steam leave their imprints.

Varnishing, staining

Exposed woodwork is better protected with sealants or staining. Eaves and loft beams, internal staircases, wooden ceilings and external balconies are properly sanded down, wood-treated and primed before we apply the correct protective finish.

Floor laying

We are specialist in both concrete slabs for ground flooring and wood plank on joists for top flooring. We also undertake under-floor heating or utilities cabling.

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