Don’t leave your much loved family home

family home

They say that home is where the heart is and we couldn’t agree more. Buying a house is not only an investment in property, but it is an investment of the heart, an investment in your family life. However, the truth is that families change over time. You may have another child, or an older relative may move in. You may want to run a home-business. As much as you love your family home, space may end up being an issue. In these cases, some feel that they have no choice but to move.

Don’t Move… There Are Other Options

You don’t have to start packing your bags straight away. Putting your house on the market and moving will cost money. Plus, you’ll be leaving the street or area that you and your family love. If the only issue with your home is space, extending or remodelling could be a much better solution.

This way you won’t have to leave the neighbourhood which can be a big upheaval for all, especially if it means that your children will have to change schools.

Extending your home

When extending your home there are many options from front, rear, side, or loft. Enlist the services of an architect and builder from the get go nd discuss your needs with them. Do you want more living space (an open-plan kitchen/living room, for example?), another bedroom, ot perhaps a family room or home office? They can help you work out the best way to add the additional space.

Changing the use of your garage or garden shed

For some people, just a little extra space is all they need. Converting  a garage into something like a home office is an easy solution. How about that garden shed that you don’t really use? Many people are now replacing their garden shed with garden rooms or granny annexes. Great for artists, home office, gym, can be equipped with bathroom, kitchen and suitable for use as a bedroom too. Complete build takes as little as five weeks. Much more than a shed, these are fully insulated living spaces with proper foundations.


Sometimes, space isn’t the issue, it could just be the interal layout of your home that no longer works. Working with an experienced architect and builder will help you find the best solution. You’d be surprised at the difference knocking down a wall or two can make to the flow and space of a property.

Avoid Moving… And Simply Enjoy the Pulse of Your Family Home

Making changes to your home can be a lot of work, but the reward can be priceless. Having extra space means you’ll get to stay in your family home and avoid the hassle and costs of moving. In addition, you’ll get to add to a home that you’ve already spent years remodeling to suit your taste and personality… and in all likelihood, you’ll also add value to your property.

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