7 ways to add more space to your bungalow

When you think of a bungalow, you don’t necessary think space (though some can be pretty large). However, we love them. Bungalows offer so much potential and there are a range of ways in which you can add extra space: Re-arrange the layout of your bungalow If you aren’t looking for that much extra space, then re-modelling the layout may work for you. As most bungalows were built a while…

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Considering the finished build

When it comes to extending your home, be it outwards, upwards or downwards, the finished look will depend greatly on several items. Thought not only needs to go into choosing the right builder and design of the extension but also on the building materials and fixtures. As an aside, there is no set rule on what is classed as a fixture but a good rule of thumb is that a…

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