Considering the finished build

st mary's chapel basement extension

When it comes to extending your home, be it outwards, upwards or downwards, the finished look will depend greatly on several items. Thought not only needs to go into choosing the right builder and design of the extension but also on the building materials and fixtures.

As an aside, there is no set rule on what is classed as a fixture but a good rule of thumb is that a fixture is something that can’t be removed and a fitting is something that is freestanding, or hung by a nail or hook. Note, carpets are considered ‘fittings’.

The external look of your house

What materials you use to build the extension will depend on what you want the finished look to be.  Do you want the new extension to contrast with the original house? This is an excellent option for older homes and the photo above shows this off beautifully. For this build we added a basement extension to an old chapel, the modern basement contrasting against the older building.

The opposite of this is to build the new extension so that it matches the current house. A middle ground is to give the existing building a new look while adding the extension. This can be achieved by changing windows, adding rendering or timber cladding. Windows can change the whole feel of a house, as can a new roof.

Kitchens and bathrooms

There are many options when it comes to kitchen units and bathroom suites. Are you going for a modern, contemporary or traditional look? Do you want certain features such as a granite worktop or a roll-top bath? Answers to these questions will have an impact on build costs. Your builder will be able to work with you to find solutions that fit your budget. 

Skirting boards and doors

Most people don’t give much thought to skirting boards but the size and shape of the board can create a different feel. There are many options. From large to small, smooth to decorative detailing, painted to natural wood.

What type of doors will you fit? Will you revamp all of them during the renovation or match the new doors to the old? You may even remove doors in the renovation process. A panel door creates a different finish to that of a plain door.  

Electric sockets and light switches

Another seemingly small detail but one that can change the feel of your house. Colour can greatly impact whether you end up with a modern or traditional style – chrome is much more contemporary while brass is seen in more traditional homes. Screwless plates are very modern. Perhaps functionality is important. Dimmer switches enable you to change the mood of a room with ease.  

Moving forward

There is much to consider when extending and renovating but the key is working with your builder to end up with a look and feel that you love.

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