Wet rooms: All you need to know

Wet room

A new bathroom adds value to your home. According to Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location fame, a wet room could add even more than a conventional shower or bath upgrade. Is a wet room for you and will it work in your house?

Unless your bathroom is extremely small, you will have room. After all, in essence it is a shower without the shower tray and screen. Even if your room is on the small side, you may still be able to create a wet room –  you’ll just need a screen to stop everything else in the room getting drenched.

They are great for young kids and those who struggle to get in and out of a bath tub. They are also an excellent choice for those that are claustrophobic and struggle with enclosed showers. They are very stylish looking and can add a sense of hotel-luxury to your home.

Other pros include the ease at which they can be cleaned – a lot less work than a conventional shower or bathtub. They can also make a small bathroom look that much bigger

Creating a wet room when extending

If you’re thinking of extending your home, then creating a two-storey extension will enable you to create a master en-suite, complete with wet room. Or, a gorgeous, deep jacuzzi bath for you with a conversion of the family bathroom into a wet room.

Building a wet room

If you decide to go for a wet room, then installing it correctly is key as otherwise leaks and mould can occur. A slight gradient needs to be added to the room so that the water runs off into drain. The room also needs to be tanked, basically waterproofed.

Adding ventilation is a good idea and essential for small bathrooms, otherwise mould could become an issue. Some design and build companies, like us, also think it’s a good idea to slightly raise the threshold of the bathroom door. Just a few millimeters higher than the bathroom door in case the drain manages to get covered… dirty clothes taken off and accidentally thrown over it, for instance.

If you want to know more about creating a wet room, then contact us as we’d be happy to talk through your needs.

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